All classes are held at Dakota Stained Glass (2300 n. Westport Ave. Ph. 331-4963) Class fees and supply costs are listed with each class. You are required to pay the class fee at the time of registration. We realize that sometimes things come up and throw your plans out the window. If you need to cancel, please contact us at least 7 days before the class begins and we will give you class credit (meaning your class fee can be applied to an upcoming class.) If you cancel less than 7 days before the class begins, you will lose 50% of your class fee and the other 50% will be given to you as class credit. Cancellations the day of or no shows will forfeit the class fee. PLEASE NOTE! There are no refunds for classes. Class credit is good for one year. USE IT OR LOSE IT! THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED FOR MOST OF THESE CLASSES.

Four Week Classes


Cost: $100.00 plus supplies

Monday, June 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 7-10 pm
Tuesday, August 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 7-10 pm

This is an excellent class for anyone starting in stained glass. We will show you how to create and develop a pattern. Then you will learn how to cut and shape glass, apply copper foil to the glass and finally how to solder your panel together. At the end of this class you will have a beautiful 12” by 12” panel.

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Cost: $100.00 plus supplies

Monday, July 10, 17, 24 and 31 From 7-10 pm

This class builds on the skills learned in the be-ginning copper foil class. It will serve as an introduction to working with lead came. You will further your glass cutting skills. Then you will learn and work with the three types of lead joints. Finally you will solder your project together and glaze it. When finished you will have a leaded panel.

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Fused Glass Garden Flowers

Cost: $140.00 plus supplies

Wednesday, June 7, 14, 21 and 28 7-10 pm

In this class you will make two flowers. One will be slumped into a mold you create. The other will be sagged through a mold you carve. Once you have made your molds, you will de-sign and create your flowers. You may work with frit, stringers, glassline paints, glass glo and dichroic glass. The last class will cover mount-ing and displaying your flowers.

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Fused Glass Weaving

$120.00 Plus Supplies

Thursday, August 10, 17, 24 and 31 7-10 pm

Learn how to plan and execute two different glass weavings. In the first weaving you will use all the same size strips so that you can easily learn the steps in creating woven class. In the second one you will be able to use different size strips to make your own unique design. In each one you will select your own color palette. You will also be shown how to use stingers and noo-dles to add fine detail to your project.

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Fused Glass Antique Windows

Cost: $120.00 plus supplies

Wed. July 12, 19, 26 and Aug. 2 7-10 pm

This is a super new class. You start with an antique window frame that you provide. Then you will design a simple landscape to compliment your frame. Using frit, stringers and other bits and pieces you will execute the panes for your window. When fused these panes will be mounted in your frame for you to hang in your home.

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Unique Fused Glass Pattern Bars

$140.00 plus supplies

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 16, 23 and 30 7-10 pm

In this class you will create 3 different pattern bars. You will make a triangular bar, an obtuse bar and a flow bar. All three require different techniques and set up. You will also be able to use a different color palette for each bar type. Once you have sliced your bars you will make variety of finished projects. There will be many tricks also passed along during the class.


Two Week Classes

Fused Frit Slurry Flowers

Cost: $70.00 includes all supplies

8Tuesday, July 18 and 25 7-10 pm

By adding water to frit you can create a paint- like substance you can manipulate with skewers and pointed objects to create intricate shaded designs. In this class you will create two projects which can be slumped into trays or bowls.

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Fused Glass Wall Art

Cost: $40.00 plus supplies

Thursday, July 20 and 27 7-10 p

Make this incredible piece of fused wall art. You will choose your color palette. Then you will cut your glass so it may be fired after the first class. The second class will include making your back panel and then mounting it unto the brushed stainless steel.

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One Night Classes

Fused Class Mushrooms

$40.00 includes all supplies for 2

Tuesday, June 6 7 pm

You will learn how to create these cute little mushrooms. You will cut a circle of glass for the mushroom cap. Then you will decorate it with firt, stringers or other glass embellishments. For each mushroom you create you must bring a wine bottle to be cut for the base. At the end of class you will cut these bottle so your finished mushrooms can be glued to them.

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Lacy Edged Vases

Cost: $40.00 plus supplies

Thursday, June 15 7 pm

A new technique using course and medium frit to create the lacey outer edge of your vase, Be creative making the main part of the vase and then add your final edge.

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Small Fused Glass Flowers

$45.00 include all supplies for 3

Thursday, June 8 7 pm


Fused Fourth of July Flag Wave

$45.00 includes all supplies

Tuesday, June 13 7 pm

Show your patriotic spirit by creating this fun fused glass fag wave. All supplies are includes.

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Small Floral Bowl

$40.00 includes all supplies

Tuesday, June 27 7 pm

Using just a single clear piece of glass, you will add cut shapes, globs, stringers and frit to cre-ate a inviting floral garden encircling your bowl edge. Several tips and tricks for these cute little flowers will be illustrated.

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Double Pocket Tray

$45.00 includes all supplies

Thursday, June 29 7 pm

Create a beautiful functional serving dish in just a few hours.

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Fused Glass Candle Holder

$40.00 includes all supplies

Thursday, July 11 7 pm

You will be given a square piece of glass in your color. Then you will embellish it with your own design..

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Floral Plant Picks (stakes)

$35.00 includes all supplies for 3

Thursday, July 13 7 pm

Create bugs, butterflies and flowers to put in your plants or garden pots.

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Summer Floral Wave

Cost: $45.00 includes all supplies

Tuesday, June 20 7 pm

Bring the beauty of your flower garden into your home with this floral wave. You will have the choice of several floral patterns to create your mini garden for your wave. The last step will involve cutting up fiber paper to create the bask texture for your wave.

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Studio Time

Please remember that you can come in to work in our studio during our regular business hours or at night when we are teach-ing other classes. You will be on your own and the location may vary where you can work. The fee for this will vary according to how much you spend on materials and what equipment you need to use. The maximum charge will be $3.00 an hour. Just ask Ken or Lori if you are interested in this opportunity.