Pettigrew Mausoleum Stained Glass Restoration, Sioux Falls, SD

Dakota Stained Glass was contracted by the Woodlawn Cemetery Association to restore the stained glass window in the Pettigrew Mausoleum. Since this window has significant historical value, the entire restoration process was photographed and documented to illustrate the restoration procedures we used and the guidelines we followed.

Original window shown in the mausoleum.

The back view of the mausoleum which shows the protective bars that cast shadows on the window. We do plan to replace the current protective Plexiglas which has yellowed with age. We are going to use safety glass which will give more clarity to the glass colors.

A view of the front door of the mausoleum with the stained glass seen in the rear wall.

This shows one of the detail photos of the window.

This broken piece of glass in the sky is irreplaceable. We edge-glued the pieces of sky that matched and replaced the odd pieces with better matching glass.

After taking numerous photos to document each section of the window, we place it on a light box to identify and mark all the broken pieces of Pettigrew Mausoleum Stained Glass Window, Woodlawn Cemetery, Sioux Falls, SDglass

After taking the documentation photos and identifying the broken pieces, we begin to disassemble the window. This shows the border removed.

After the border is removed, the window is separated into sections to make getting to the broken pieces easier.

After the window is in sections, those sections with many broken pieces are totally disassembled so broken pieces may be replaced.