We carry over 325 book titles and patterns in stock


We have a complete line of tools for lead came and copper foil work

Saws and Grinders

We stock a complete line of Glastar grinders and Gemini saws.


We carry many different types of flux, patina, cleaning solvents, and putty in stock.

Lead and Zinc

We stock 14 different lead profiles as well as zinc, brass, and copper. We stock regular copper foil, black-back foil, silver-back foil, and brass foil.


We carry inline bevels in stock, this includes ¾, 1, 1 ½, and 2 inch rectangles as well as diamonds, circles, and triangles. We also stock glue chip and mirror bevels.


We carry a complete line of supplies for

• Boxes
• Picture frames
• Mirrors
• Kaleidoscopes

We stock many filigrees, especially for angels. Our lamp section includes a wide array of vase caps and internal hardware as well as over 50 lamp base styles. We will special order any Odyssey or Worden lamp pattern and mold you need.


We carry the complete line of System 96 fusing products including glass, frit, stringers, noodles, and rods. We also stock

• Molds for slumping, draping, sagging and frit casting
• All thicknesses of fiber paper and shelf paper
• Many colors of micas
• Chemicals including Klyr-Fire, Spray A, fuser's glue, Liquid Stringers and more
• Decals and pre-cut fusing shapes
• A complete line of dichroic glass
• Kiln shelves and kiln furniture
We are also an Olympic kiln dealer and can special order any Olympic kiln for 20% off the list price.


We carry a full line of jewelry findings for fused jewelry such as

• Brass, silver, gold, pewter and copper bails
• Fiber, ribbon, silver, pewter and copper necklaces
• Silver-plated bracelets, rings and neck wires
• Miscellaneous findings for earrings, belt buckles and cabochons



We carry over 1000 different colors and textures of glass from the following manufactures

• Spectrum (we carry the complete line)
• Wissmach
• Armstrong
• Bullseye
• Uroroboros
• Yougniegheny
• Oceana
• Optimum
• Glue Chip
• Pilkington



We carry the following

• Complete line of Tiffany Garden molds
• Weldbond adhesive
• Mosaic cutters
• Colorant for grout and cement
• Pattern and instructional books
• Iron table stands