St. Martin's Chapel, Sturgis, SD

As long as we were removing and bringing the window back to our studio to repair the top part of the window, the monastery decided to have us rebuild the entire window. We replaced all the broken glass and painted pieces. Then it was totally re-leaded and re-glazed.

We had to match all the glass colors with U.S. manufactured glass and replicate all the painted pieces. Kokomo Glass was able to very closely match all the glass except the green. We ended up taking the closest color and then painting an an enamel tint to give us that green. Our painter reproduced the broken arch and scroll work glass perfectly. It is very hard to tell the new from the original.

This restoration work resulted from wind damage to a stained glass window in the original monastery chapel at St. Martin's. The wind force had blown threw the protective glazing and destroyed the upper portion of the window. The window dates from the early 1900's and was produced in Germany.